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Specialize in Cleaning and Restoring

We clean and restore ceilings and walls with our enzyme-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, environmentally safe solutions. All metal surfaces, metal grids, vents, air diffusers, sprinklers and the outside of light lenses are also thoroughly cleaned and restored.

Cleaning and Restoring:  Acoustical Ceilings/Vents • Wallpapered Walls • Office Divider Walls • Light Fixtures • Open Ceilings • F.R.P. Walls • Block Walls • Ceiling Fans • Painted Ceilings • Painted Walls • Wood Covered Walls • Cupboards/Countertops • Textured Ceilings • Formica Walls • High Dusting • Metal Decking • Warehouse Ceilings • Wall Coverings • MBI Ceilings Vents • Tile Walls • B-R Glass • Marble Walls

For a FREE quote call: 586.795.2345

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